YouTubers You Should Be Binge-Watching

While you may not need the excuse of being quarantined to binge YouTube videos, I myself have always been a fan of YouTube. I think there’s a ton of really entertaining, informative and worthwhile videos on the platform to look at in your free time.

There are so many different communities and genres, each having come my favorite content creators. There’s the beauty/makeup community, the story time/rant community, the drama channel creators, the fitness creators, the True Crime community and so much more!

Below, there’s a list of YouTube channels you need to know, divided by genre.



This is a channel that showcases multiple dance groups, originally started by Parris Goebel, an internationally known New Zealand choreographer. The Palace groups are known for their synchronicity and intensity, and you can see this for yourself on her channel. One of the most famous groups to come from the studio is The Royal Family. They are most known for being the girls who danced in Justin Bieber’s music videos for his Purpose album. Yes, Goebel choreographed Bieber’s famous video, Sorry!


Noel Miller Live

Noel Miller is a YouTuber known for his comedic commentary videos, Twitch streams, and being in a comedy duo with Cody Ko. His channel is full of hilarious takes on videos from all corners of the internet. His classic combination of sarcasm and humor makes his channel memorable.

Social Commentary


This is a channel that has a range of content that they churn out every few days, but they are most known for their series “Odd Man Out” and “Middle Ground.” The popular series “Odd Man Out” has a group of people that seem to share one defining trait, sometimes it’s their sexuality or sometimes a specific identity. But one of them is lying, and the game is to see if the group can figure out who is lying. “Middle Ground” has a group of people that have different perspectives on a controversial topic, and they have a discussion figuring out why. Both series are so interesting and show various perspectives, some of which you might learn from.

Pop Culture Commentary/Educational

For Harriet

This is one of my favorite channels because I feel like there is so much to learn. The channel has countless videos where the creator, Kimberly Nicole Foster, shares her opinion on hot topics in pop culture. Foster makes a point to do her research before she shares commentary and cites this within the video & description box.

Sex Positive/Sex Education


Stevie is a YouTuber that strives to educate her audience about sexual health and becoming comfortable with their sexuality and how they express it. She tackles topics that may be uncomfortable to talk about in a fun, informative and important way.



Have you seen those popular videos by “Elle” or “Seventeen Magazine with celebrities trying to match a given word to a song lyric? Well, Terell does the same thing with his guests, but they are most often people of color or those well known in the R&B, Soul or Gospel industry. His guests are always talented and hilarious to watch since Terell works interviews into every game, too. A great channel to sing along with at home!

There are so many channels that I could include, but I’m sure you’ll stumble upon some great ones in your recommendations after looking at the ones listed!