Bachelor Recap: Season 24, Ep. 9

Savannah King

It’s Fantasy Suite week!!!!

It’s down to the final three girls on “The Bachelor,” which means it’s Fantasy Suite week. Each girl will finally get some real one-on-one time Peter, but there’s still drama brewing! So let’s get to it!

This episode picks up where the last one left off, with Madison pulling Peter aside to let him know there is something she’s been struggling with and that she has something to get off her chest. Instead of telling Peter about her strong faith and her decision to save herself for marriage, she tells him that it would be hard for her to stay if he decided to sleep with the other girls. But she’s not giving him an ultimatum. She leaves him with “actions speak louder than words.”

Let’s Get International for Fantasy Suites

The girls and Peter are headed “down under” to Gold Coast, Australia! Madison arrives to her hotel room first, then Hannah Ann joins, and then Victoria F. also comes in. That’s when it hits them. All three women have to stay in the same hotel suite during Fantasy Suite week. How convenient of “The Bachelor” producers to do this!

The First Overnight Date

The First Overnight/Fantasy Suite goes to Hannah Ann! The two had a pretty nice date. Nothing drama-filled happened, honestly. Just a good date. The two first rode jet skis and then had dinner. At dinner, Peter told Hannah Ann that her dad asked him to not say he was falling in love with her unless he was 100% sure, and Peter admitted he was.

After dinner, the two went up to the penthouse suite, where it is implied that they slept together.

While Peter and Hannah Ann are off enjoying the fantasy suite, Victoria and Madison are back at their shared suite. Thinking about what’s going on on this overnight date. Freaking out about what’s going on on their date.

The Second Overnight Date

Victoria F. is up next for her over-night date, leaving Hannah Ann and Madison alone together in their shared suite. Hannah Ann didn’t say much about what went down on her date, leaving Madison, as I imagine, stressed out over Peter’s actions.

Victoria F. and Peter’s date actually goes really well, too. Before they get into their date, Peter reassures Victoria that he trusts her and has her back. Peter ended up taking Victoria on a helicopter tour over Gold Coast.

At dinner, Peter and Victoria discuss their communication skills toward another (or Victoria’s lack thereof). Victoria admits that her rough communication skills stem from a past relationship where her partner never asked about her feelings. This was why she always got defensive whenever she was asked literally anything about her feelings.

Peter admits to her that this relationship has tested him the most throughout his journey as the bachelor, but it was worth it. They also end up sharing the fantasy suite.

Back at the hotel, Madison ends up telling Hannah Ann about her expressing concern over Peter sleeping with them (Hannah Ann and Victoria), and how it’s a make-or-break situation.

Hannah Ann didn’t respond to the comment face-to-face but said in her confessional that the statement was crazy because Madison knew what she was signing up for when she decided to be on the show.

The Third Overnight Date

It’s now time for Madison’s long-awaited date with Peter. For their date, Peter takes Madison to new heights. Literally. The two climb to the top of the tallest buildings in Gold Coast.

After their excursion to the top of the building, they safely make their way back down to the bottom, so they can go to dinner.

At dinner, Madison finally opens up about saving herself for marriage. She understands some people may not have made the same life decisions as her. Right there she also lets Peter know that she isn’t comfortable accepting a proposal from someone who has slept with another person just a week prior.

I am totally on Madison’s side, and I commend her for being honest with Peter about her expectations.

Peter is honest with Madison and lets her know that he was intimate with the other women. He then tells Madison that he does see them together in the end, but he also can see the other two with him at the end of this journey. Way to cheer Madison up, Peter!

Madison gets up and leaves dinner after saying he could lose her. Peter, of course, followed her and reiterates that he’s not perfect, but he could still see them together. He also admits that he knew his actions hurt her and that he’s sorry for it all.

Madison still ends up walking away from him, leaving just Peter to head to the fantasy suite alone.

We find out next week if Madison is gone for good or if she will look past Peter’s actions and fight for the final rose.