College As Told by 'Friends'

Cheryl Nuzum

openerEven though it premiered around the same year most of us were born, “Friends” is a classic lastings generations. It’s a show about a group of twenty-somethings fumbling around their lives, trying to figure out jobs, relationships, setbacks and failures, all while being strung together by one-liners and inside jokes. How relatable is that?
(Bonus points: Now, we can all laugh at the 90’s hairstyles and the computers people actually used back then.)
Although the show begins it’s story post-college years for the characters, it still speaks to the college generation on multiple levels.

1. When your roommate won’t do their own dishes


2. When that last drink hits hard


3. When your song comes on


4. When suddenly you have 3 tests, a paper, two essays, and a presentation all in one week


5. When you call your mom to talk and she starts questioning your bank statement


6. When you see your crush in class


7. When you’re out having a good time and you suddenly remember you have an assignment due at 11:59


8. When you’re DD and one of your drunk friends is making a scene


9. When you have to write a resume


10. When you see the Snapchat of you singing karaoke the night before


11. When you look around at your squad and realize you wouldn’t want to do this bullshit with anyone else