The Q&D: September 22, 2016

Cheryl Nuzum

(Photo Credit: Xxavier Robertson)
Eagles Win Again
With a close win against ULM, our football team prevailed with a 23 – 21 final score. This marked the second home game of the season. The next home game is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 27 against rival, Appalachian State, kicking off the traditional App State Hate Week. This upcoming week, the Eagles play in Kalamazoo, Mich. against Western Michigan Broncos.
Statesboro Shootout
Sunday night, Statesboro Police Department was alerted to an armed robbery at Renaissance Apartments (formerly the Cove) on Chandler Road. Police apprehended two out of three suspects on sight. Students expressed concerned over the lack of an Eagle Alert, but officials later deemed it unnecessary after capturing the suspects. A press release  was issued by the Statesboro Police Department concerning the incident.
The Clowns Have Made it to Statesboro

Repeat: the clowns have made it to Statesboro. Reportedly. With earlier reports of suspecting clowns in North and South Carolina attempting to lure children into woods with money/candy, reports of clown sightings have made it to Statesboro. An initial photo circulating social media proved to be an old photograph, however the threat itself is still being investigated. An Eagle Alert was sent out alerting students to the situation.

Terence Crutcher
An unarmed 40-year-old black man was shot Friday night after police came across his stalled vehicle on the highway. In video, Terence Crutcher was seen with his hands responding to police commands before being fatally shot. The police officer who fired the shot suspected Crutcher of reaching for a weapon within the vehicle, however it was later determined the windows to the car were rolled up. An investigation is currently underway.
The End of Brangelina
Reports surfaced yesterday that Angelina Jolie (yes, that one) filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt (yes, that one) after two years of marriage. The couple had been together for almost twelve years and have six children together.