Four Basic Clothing Must-Haves for the Fall Season


Roxie Srikoulabouth

When the leaves change color and the temperature drops, new fall fashion trends rise in stores, online and on every fashion blog. We all want to get with the trends while staying cozy. To keep your seasonal wardrobe down to the basics, here are four fall clothing articles that are a must.


On a chilly, fall day there is nothing better than wearing a cozy flannel. An oversized flannel could be found almost anywhereーeven at your local Goodwill or Walmart. The material is soft and thick enough to keep you toasty while pulling off the cute “girl next door” look. Flannels come in a range of relatively neutral plaids that are perfect for layering over a plain t-shirt or under a denim jacket for extra warmth. You can dress them up and toss a skirt on or you can keep them casual with a nice pair of blue jeans.


On days when you want to wear your pajamas out in public, put on a pair of leggings. They give you the same comfort as your favorite sweatpants, but they look a little more presentable. These are made of a stretchy, versatile fabric for extra comfort. You can get a basic color like black or choose from variety of colors and patterns. Leggings now can come with pockets and can be high rise or low rise. If it is really cold, you could slip them on under your jeans or sweats.


A soft, warm cardigan is the perfect piece for those lazy days when you wake up late but still want to look like you put some effort into your outfit. They’re cute, comfortable and look good over just about anything. Whether you choose one that’s light, dark, big or small, there are so many different types that will most definitely fit your style. An oversized cardigan looks cute with a t-shirt, and you could dress it up with a cute blouse, a pair of jeans and some boots.

Blanket Scarf

Once fall arrives, you’ll be living in scarves. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also add dimensions to your outfit. Look for a colorful but muted enough blanket scarf that matches well with the typical fall palette of neutral colors. Blanket scarfs are so big and comfy, and you could literally use them as a blanket. Think of it as a statement piece.
Tip: A deep gray is the perfect color for the fall season because it’s such a great neutral color to pair with blanket scarfs.
These clothing items can find a home in your fall wardrobe because they’re definitely here to stay.