Queer Narratives


Miscellany Editor

by Parrish Turner, Senior, Writing & Linguistics
What is a queer narrative?
       A queer narrative is anything that derives from the norm.
              Anything that derives from the norm.
       But there is no one way to write.
       But I will write short. I will write to the point. I will write with force and power that will make you understand.
       But am I right? I tell you that 2=4x(23.7y+your heart’s true desire), but have I been colored by the way the light fell on your face that one Thursday afternoon? I will concede that I have never seen the light play in such a way before and my brain does get fuzzy and my heart
starts to skip when you are around.
       When it comes to writing, it is clear. It will always be clear. For that is what is correct. Good writing makes the reader understand. Good writing use correct grammar. Good writing has been taught to students from day one and students will employ it forever. Students will. Students will. Students will march. Students will experiment. Students will give up and go back to their straight lines and grey offices. Students will get married. Students will have two point three children.
       But I will be queer. I will write love letters to the boys in my gym class. I will write theses to my lover on our wedding night. On a Wednesday night. On the nights we fall out of love. I will write breakup notes to my family. The Dear John Letters that arrive on cool Sunday mornings.
       Or maybe I will give up writing altogether. For isn’t even more writing just playing into their game? Fitting into the framework they have given me of words on a page. Spelled a certain way. Formed a certain way.
       Maybe I will never write again.