Artist Spotlight: Yendi Reid


Miscellany Editor

Yendi Reid, senior graphic design major, is shown working on one piece of a series of drawings. This serious features different images of sumo wrestlers doing ballet. We asked Yendi what her inspiration was and this was her response:

“Before college, I pursued a career in professional ballet. The career choice allowed me to have the opportunity to travel a lot. Because of my demanding lifestyle, I  was required to do one to two ballet camps during the summer. In 2008, I was fortunate enough to go to a ballet intensive in Beijing and Hong Kong. We were able to do a lot of sight seeing. One event that I especially enjoyed was a sumo match that we attended in Hangzhou. I could not help but see hilarious comparisons between the wrestlers and the prima ballerinas I was surrounded by on a daily basis. Their pampered and almost spoiled personas sparked random doodles on my class notebooks. They made such an impact that the theme carried on to influence this drawing series I am working on this semester.”

Yendi Reid 3