Artist Spotlight: Jennie Klabnik


Miscellany Editor

Jennie Klabnik, senior 3D studio art major, is currently working on a collection of hyper-realistic boots made of clay. The “Who” collection features boots that are supposed to represent the different people who would wear them. We asked Jennie what her inspiration was and this was her response:

“It all started in high school in my ceramics class with Ms. Meyers. She taught me how to speak without saying anything. I realized that I could manipulate clay into what I see in my head. My favorite medium is ceramics because I like watching it transform from a ball of clay into something completely different. Sitting in the studio for hours on end is the most relaxing thing.  My goal with all of the pieces is to make the viewer question what they are looking at. I want the boots to tell a story about each person who would wear them.”

Jennie Klabnik_1 Jennie Klabnik_3