Artist Spotlight: Anna Currence


Miscellany Editor

Anna Currence, senior 2D studio art major, has created a human scale structure that, once entered, presents a multi sensory experience for the viewer. The work, “Peaceful Intermission,” consists of a pan-optic photo collage depicting oak branches from a worms eye view and the aroma of natural oak. We asked Anna what her inspiration was and this was her response:

“My primary source of inspiration for ‘Peaceful Intermission’ was my experience participating in Marina Abramovic’s performance piece ‘512 Hours.’ I left feeling completely at ease and wandered the park in which the piece took place being the most relaxed I have been in a very long time. When reflecting on my experience directly after I participated and in the following days, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to evoke the same sense of peace and serenity in my viewers that Marina Abramovic had instilled in me that day. I place ‘Peaceful Intermission’ in the hallways of academic buildings as an artistic intervention which gives students and faculty a break from their work and a view of the natural world in an unexpected place.”

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