We asked, you responded: return to campus

Fernanda Camacho Hauser, Reporter

Georgia Southern is officially returning to in person classes for our Fall 2020 semester with the additional guidelines based on CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health’s recommendations.

A recent survey sent out by the George-Anne and answered by 131 faculty, staff and students with 70 responding that they don’t think returning to in person classes is a good idea, 36 agreeing that it is a good idea to return, and the remaining 17 responded that they were unsure.

The following are some of the responses provided by the 101 students who responded only 15 were not sure while 34 agreed with returning to campus and the remaining 52 disagreed.

Do you think in person classes are a good idea?


“COVID-19 cases are only increasing and at a rapid pace. I think in-person classes is just asking for it to be spread all about the university. Especially if students have family who are high-risk or high-risk themselves.”

“I feel that with students coming from all parts of the country and even other countries that the virus will just continue to spread and never go away. I think we should at least sit out fall semester.”

“College aged people are included in the fastest growing group testing positive for Covid 19. It is not a good idea to place that demographic in enclosed areas.”

“I just believe not everyone will abide by the rules especially when we just now had to require people to wear masks because we weren’t going to before. I don’t feel like it’s a safe bet when cases are still rising like this and people are coming from different places as well.”

“In person classes are just asking for trouble. The cases in Georgia are spiking and other schools are already going to online only.”

“The COVID-19 cases are still escalating as well as the death rates. I don’t understand when the pandemic had started, the school was transferred to online. But now that there are 115k cases and almost 3k deaths in America, the schools are going back to in-person. It doesn’t make sense. I have asthma and an autoimmune disease and feel very uncomfortable attending class in-person.”

“I don’t think in classes are safe being the fact that we have students that come to our school from all around the world . I truly believe it’s not safe for us to come back . It will be more realistic to do school online until we get everything under control. It’s hard to practice 6ft apart in classrooms and on the bus.”

“Everything will just get worse, in class is not necessary for some colleges for example the college of business.”

“If infections in Bulloch County continue to rise, we won’t be able to open […] if it will overtax the hospital. The administration is aware of this and is watching the situation closely, along with many other factors.”


“I think returning to classes is fine, if everyone in the class wears a mask then the risk of transfer is extremely slim. As long as the mask guidelines are strictly enforced we should be fine.”

“Having in person classes is an essential part of learning, without that students miss out on what they are really paying for, and some may not or will not return if classes are forced online.”

“I will not feel comfortable in obtaining my degree if this semester is taught online. I do not learn that way, and it hurts my overall grade so much. I am praying for in person classes. I feel that with social distancing, required face masks, and extra cleaning measures that we can make in class classes work.”

“We can not live in fear. A Somewhat regular life should return. I believe students with underlying conditions that are not comfortable with returning in person should have the option of online classes. While students that are okay with back to person should be allowed to do so following social distancing, and face coverings. I think a good option is to do hybrid learning when social distancing isn’t always available.”

“I believe returning to in person classes is a good idea; in theory. We will definitely be getting a better and more thorough education compared to online but risk factors are going to increase for the spread of the virus. Unless there is consistent testing on campus there will most likely be an outbreak and the school will shut down again.”

“I like the idea of going to a class that you have on Monday and Wednesday on only one of the days. For example, going to an in-person class session on Monday and then on Wednesday doing an online session of the class.”