What will happen to the RAC?


Journi Rodriguez, Reporter

The RAC will open for the fall semester with new safety measures amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Georgia Southern Recreation Activity Center (RAC) will open to the public this Fall 2020 semester with new plans and requirements to keep visitors safe, according to Jeremy Wilburn, marketing director for the RAC.

Visitors and employees will now be required to wear masks when entering the RAC after the University System of Georgia announced that face coverings are required in campus buildings on their website.

Patrons will be screened with a forehead thermometer and asked a series of questions related to their recent health in the lobby, according to Wilburn.

Visitors will be encouraged to social distance between 6 to 10 feet apart, and staff will be cleaning machines and other equipment after every use, according to Wilburn.

“I think we have a very robust plan, and safety is our number one priority,” Wilburn said.

Wilburn states that details and plans could change between now and the start of the fall semester, but that the RAC wants to make sure that students can engage in activities in the safest way possible.