What could cause a “toggle” to partially or fully online learning?


Mitch Smith, Managing Editor for Print

STATESBORO — Without COVID-19 fully under control students and staff might begin to wonder what could cause another “toggle”. 

The George-Anne’s Andy Cole interviewed President Kyle Marrero where the toggle was further discussed and more which can be found here. https://thegeorgeanne.com/21453/news/marrero-talks-back-to-school-in-an-exclusive-interview/

Marrero explains that he’s been meeting throughout the summer with a situation representatives group. 

“We started when we first worked on the plan and then had more than 130 administrators, faculty, staff, health professionals, public health professionals all within guiding us to develop an initial return.” said Marrero. 

This situation representatives group will meet three times a week and continue to assess every part of the plan they have and make sure it’s implemented correctly. With this group Marrero hopes to closely monitor the presence of COVID-19.

Marrero and his group will look at all surrounding counties and what’s happening with the spread. The group will study where the numbers are, what the number of cases per 100,000, they keep in constant contact with East Georgia Medical, St. Joe Candler, Memorial,  Liberty, and will look at statistics from bed occupancy to levels of number of COVID patients and ventilators in use. 

The group will keep in close contact and study statistics in order to adapt and prevent another toggle. 

This group has also worked to compile a detailed and helpful COVID-19 FAQ page that can be found here. https://www.georgiasouthern.edu/covid-19-information/general-faq/