Is social distancing working on campus?

With rising positive COVID-19 cases in Statesboro, the question of “is social distancing working?” begs to be answered.

Celeste Chapman, Correspondent

STATESBORO — Georgia Southern has welcomed students back on campus for almost three weeks now. Masks, social distancing and limiting groups to 10 or less students are the laws of the land now, along with other efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Hard to miss signs instructing where you can and can’t walk are all over the floor of every academic building. Numerous signs that read “Eagles do right when we cover our beaks” line the walkways as you walk to and from class.

Credit: Celeste Chapman

The football team  suspended practices because of positive COVID-19 results, and local bars such as Dingus MaGee’s and The Blue Room have closed, but are these measures working?

The New York Times reported that Statesboro is now ranked #5 in the US for fastest rise in cases and #6 in the US for most cases in the last two weeks, with cases rising from 77 to 447 within a week.

Class size capacity has been lowered to accommodate social distancing guidelines, and campus buildings have also done this to avoid crowding in public spaces, but off campus, during their own time, are students doing what they can to limit the spread of COVID-19?

“Classes are good, but once classes are over, it goes to hell,” AJ Young, a GS senior, said. “I’m mostly worried about the people who party and not have any precautions. I feel like in two weeks time, we’re going right back to being totally online.”

Elijah Legg, a GS sophomore, said, “Social distancing on campus is inadequate and ineffective with students not adhering to personal CDC guidelines.”

On August 28, Communications and Marketing sent a message to all students about the threat of possible Student Code of Conduct intervention if social distancing is not followed.

“If necessary, we will utilize the Student Code of Conduct to protect the safety and well-being of our campus communities,” the email said.

GS student Abigail Nessmith said, “I have no issue with [social distancing on campus]. I would rather have strict social distancing rules than school close and students get sick.”