Local Talent: Kidsyc@Brandywine’s Lloyd Harold

KidSyc@Brandywine frontman, Lloyd Harold.
KidSyc@Brandywine frontman, Lloyd Harold.

By Rachel Denison, Staff Writer

Anyone who has seen Lloyd “KidSyc” Harold perform live would have to agree that his high energy performance, intellectual lyrics and creative style give him an edge in the Savannah music scene. KidSyc uses his platform to create positive waves in the community, including supporting local artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. Here’s a little insight into the success and uniqueness of the engaging rapper.

Q: Are you currently working on any new musical projects?

A: I’m working on a few actually. I’m currently recording vocals for the new KidSyc@Brandywine album. It’ll be our first official full-length studio album. I’m also releasing a solo album in June called “AHA!” that has been in the works for almost two years.

Q: How do you think your music affects the community?

A: I see my music affecting my community when I run into kids I’ve taught over the years, whether in the classroom or at AWOL, or just a neighborhood kid that would ask for advice. I do my best to find ways to use my “super power” for good and end up attracting some cool opportunities to share my gift because of that.

Q: How does your style reflect your music?

A: My style is reflective of my music in that it’s always riding that line between quirky and trendy. I definitely pay attention to pop culture/fashion trends and take the parts that I like and make them my own by putting my own personal spin on things.

Q: Is there a distinct difference between Lloyd and KidSyc when you take the stage?

A: There is. I feel like KidSyc is who Lloyd wanted to be when he was younger. Believe it or not, I was a shy kid growing up. I just would draw a lot. Definitely not the most popular, you know? So, once I started rapping, I saw the respect and admiration that came along with that skill, and honed in on it. So, KidSyc on stage is the culmination of “weird kid turned cool.”

Q: What’s the ultimate message you want to send your audience with your music?

A: The message is dare to be different. Everything is boring when everyone is following the same trends and doing the same stuff. So, I’m either directly saying that in my music in some way, or exemplifying it with my style and my wordplay and things like that. Like any one can write a “love song,” but what if it’s about an apple and an orange falling in love, or something like that. Just finding a different approach can be a lot of fun.

More information about KidSyc and upcoming shows and projects can be found on his Facebook page, KidSyc, as well as his band KidSyc@Brandywine.