Closing the gap for public school students without Wi-Fi during the “new normal”

Eden Hodges, City of Statesboro Correspondent

STATESBORO — When Bulloch County schools made the switch to online learning this fall, many students without Wi-Fi access at home were in danger of being left behind, but Bulloch schools and the Statesboro community are working together to close that gap.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak this year, communities across the country lost access to free services offered by public libraries like internet and computer access when they shut their doors to the public.

As the privilege of having internet access becomes an essential part of our “new normal,” schools across Bulloch County are sending students home with Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots called “Jet Packs,” according to Langston Chapel Elementary School’s technical liaison, Jacob Sanders.

Although they have shut their doors, the Statesboro Regional Library has not completely left visitors without library resources. They, along with 24 other businesses and local spots around town, are offering free internet access that anyone with a computer can log into and use from the parking lot.

The 25 Blue Mile Wi-Fi Zone locations can be found here from Grice Connect.