Multimedia film students getting hands-on experience, despite pandemic

Olivia Craft, Enterprise Managing Editor

Georgia Southern’s studio application class has made it work when it comes to experience in the classroom during COVID-19.

Dean Cummings, Ph.D., assistant professor of multimedia film and production knew that the class could not be conducted properly without a common workplace for the students. 

Cummings requires students to wear lab coats and face coverings, as well as practice social distancing. Temperature checks are required before entry, and equipment is sanitized after each session. 

“All of the students have done a great job making sure that the protocols are being applied and so far, they are being applied correctly,” Cummings said in a late-October press release. “I mandated the lab coats and caps to minimize the transfer of any virus that would be on clothing, kind of like a mask for the body.”

Hands on experience this semester has been difficult given the circumstances of the semester, but this class has figured it out. 

“I tell Dr. Cummings this all the time: I am not sure what I expected to gain from this class, but I have learned a lot,” Senior Mecca Malone said in the release. “Dr. Cummings wanted to make this class similar to situations that would occur in the real world and that has stayed true.

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