At Heart steals the show

at heart pic

By Tom Teaster, Staff Writer

On May 8, a group of recording bands performed at The Asylum in Rincon. Popular metal bands like Come the Dawn, Affiance, and I the Breather gave stellar performances, but what really stuck out was the opening local band At Heart from Savannah.

The band consists of lead vocalist Ben Goros, guitarists Garrett Schwartz and Jake “Indy” Jones , bassist Jake Pierson and drummer Josh Griner.

Liberty Deloach was impressed with the show and said Goros “blew me away and wasn’t expected to scream like he can.”

Ben graduated with a homeschool GED and Garrett, Jake and Josh graduated from Effingham and South Effingham High School. They provide inspiration to many musicians in the area of their rising success as performers.

Though they are a metalcore band, At Heart likes to show positive faith in their songs, which defies the norms of how many people perceive today’s hardcore rock bands. They closed their performance with the first performance of “427” and blew the crowd away. Some fans threw their bodies across the venue, thrashing and flailing to the music with solos from both Garrett and Indy. The band then jumped into the standard of metal that every person in The Asylum expects and pays to see.

When asked about their latest album, Jake said it would come out “most likely around the end of summer and hopefully at Warped Tour 2014 to distribute apparel, CD, and to simply spread the word of the awesome that comes from this group of men.”

The guys of At Heart are not only talented; they’re very down to earth, fun guys who, despite work, school, and the other difficulties in the life of adults in their twenties, manage to come together and have a good time doing what they love.

When asked for some words of wisdom on being a musician, Ben replied, “Find people that you get along with.”

At Heart will play June 14at The Asylum in Rincon, as well as at Troyfest June 28 in Savannah. For more information, check out their Facebook page at: