Hopes rise as gas prices lower

Gas Tax

By Arielle Powell, Staff Writer

The topic of gas prices is something that is a recurring topic in America. Gas prices are the lowest they have been in the past four years. High gas prices put a strain on college students, and the current price of gas is a relief. When gas prices are high, commuter students deal with the high cost of driving from their homes to campus every day.

“I’m a commuter student and just like anyone else, the change in gas prices are evident.” Sophomore Jada Lowe said. “Now, I’m happy that the gas prices are lower, but I am worried about whether they will remain or eventually increase.”

Most college students have low-wage jobs while also having to go to school to obtain a degree. This becomes problematic when it costs $50 to fill the tank.

The lowered gas prices are good for students and can allow them to use the extra money on other necessities. The topic is complex and volatile right now because no one knows what future gas prices will do.

When prices are high it puts, “Students in a tough situation,” Armstrong Senior Brittany Harris said. “They don’t have a lot of money for savings and what they need in life. Students driving to school and work every day are using a lot of disposable income just to get around.”

Current gas prices allow students to save money and spend money. This has potential to boost the economy. Senior Chelsey Robinson said, “I have changed my driving habits. So, if it is more expensive I will try to drive less with my car. My friends and I also alternating driving.” Even though the future of low gas prices isn’t promised to remain, here are a few tips to help students save money on gas.

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Walk or ride a bike- If your destination is in reasonable distance, walk or ride a bike. Not only would this help you save money on gas, but this will also help you stay in shape.
  2. Carpool- Rather than all your friends driving separate cars around town, a few people can use one car and all pitch in on gas. Not only will this help you save money, but this is also an environment friendly option.
  3. Schedule Smart- When it comes to scheduling your classes, condense your schedule to a few days a week. This allows students to not have to come on campus often.
  4. Pay Attention- It is really important to pay attention to the gas stations with the best quality and less expensive gas when riding around town. Don’t just stick to your local gas stations.
  5. Do not waste gas- Be mindful of how much you are driving. You can save gas by limiting your car trips to places that are demanding.

Although no one knows the future of gas prices, following the tips above can help students be more cautious. Follow these tips and save some cold, hard cash.