Don’t Get Caught Red-Handed: Period Pantry comes to Armstrong


Student volunteers watch Nora Cook explain the contents of a period pack. Photo by Lila Miller.

Lila Miller, A&E Editor

“As a student who menstruates and has limited funding, I created this project, The Period Pantry to help alleviate that kind of stress,” Cook explained to a room full of volunteers during the inaugural Period Pantry Grand Opening.

 The first Period Pantry meeting took place on Aug. 21 at 5 p.m. in Gamble Hall in room 106.

The event brought together student volunteers to put together “period packs” for low-income students in need of menstruation products. Cook became inspired after learning about the Homeless Period Project (HPP) organization-a non-profit that helps provide homeless people with similar products. 

“As a man, I would have never even thought about this,” voiced one participant.

Over 25 people attended and helped put together “period packs” following the model that the HPP implemented. Each pack features eight pads, eight tampons and eight panty-liners.

Student volunteers watch Nora Cook explain the contents of a period pack. Photo by Lila Miller.

Students formed an assembly line and worked with one another to put together a total of 30 period packs.

The pantry’s goal is to help all students in need of menstrual products when the time arises. 

The pantry will eventually have its own site and application to participate. For now, students in need can sign up for monthly pick-ups by emailing

One time pick-ups can be found at the Writing Center in Gamble Hall. 

Cook is currently working with the administration on setting up a donation box in the Student Union for future meetings.

Cook also serves as co-leader and collaborator of Feminists United (FU) which helped put on the event. This semester, FU will be focusing on the “history of feminism and how white feminism is tanking social discourse,” Cook explained. 

FU meets every third Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Gamble 106. For more information and ways to get involved with the pantry and other FU projects on campus, contact Nora Cook at