Statement from SGA EVP Spencer Demink

Here is a statement from SGA Executive Vice President Spencer Demink on the Book Burning Incident in Statesboro.


sga_2“What happened last Wednesday in Statesboro would by some, only be described as students exercising their first amendment rights. Although this is true, I would better describe it as racist behavior and should be treated as such. 

You will hear university administration say they are bound by certain policies and laws that prevent them from taking action upon the students that burned a Cuban-American woman’s literature, for calling students privileged because they are white. Barring the irony that after these students were called privileged, they probably did the most privileged thing they could do by literally burning books… is the fact that our top officials cannot take further action. But this does not mean we as students cannot either.  

Are you in a club? Say hello to your new book of the month, Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jennine Capó Crucet. Didn’t know that literal nazi’s used to burn books? Hold a seminar on the history of book burning. 

Those students protested something they disagreed with but there is nothing against us protesting their actions right back to them. Do not stay silent. Silence will only bring the understanding that we are okay with what happened last Wednesday. And I am not. We as your Student Government are not and I hope you aren’t either.”