Armstrong Student Government presents legislation to revert commencement changes

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  • Tyler Tyack, Armstrong/Liberty campus senate speaker, read a resolution approved by the Armstrong/Liberty campus Student Government Association. The resolution address concerns and requests that commencement changes be reversed. The resolution also asks that future committees related to commencement change consist of equal parts students and faculty. 

Anthony Belinfante

A resolution presented at Wednesday night’s Student Government Association meeting that was created and proposed by the Armstrong SGA proposes the commencement changes be reverted back to the previous plans.

The proposed SGA resolution proposes the President’s Cabinet revert the plans for commencement back to the previous one and work to create a new commencement plan for future semesters.

The resolution also states that the changes were not announced with enough time for family and friends of students to alter their travel plans to attend the new commencement ceremonies. The resolution further claims that the university ignored students complaints about the commencement changes, resulting in financial burdens for students and their families.

The Armstrong SGA has passed reoslution and it will go before the Statesboro SGA at an undecided date.

You can read the full resolution below:

Brendan Ward contributed to this article. 

Anthony Belinfante, The George-Anne News Reporter,