John-Warren administration had no knowledge of commencement change

McClain Baxley

Student Government Association President Jarvis Steele announced at the SGA senate meeting Wednesday that the past administration knew about the decision to change commencement. However, former SGA President Dylan John told The George-Anne he had no knowledge of the proposal.

“With regards to commencement changes, my administration was not informed nor aware about any of these changes,” John said. “We would not have been in favor of such a proposal and I know that Jarvis and his team are not in favor of these changes either.”

Steele told The George-Anne following Wednesday’s meeting that he was informed of the decision, but didn’t know the decision was made until it was finalized.

“I believe [the acknowledgement of the changes] occurred previously with my predecessor [Dylan John] and a little bit towards the summer and before Dean Jackson left,” Steele said. “I do not personally recall having that conversation with Dean Jackson.”

During his time in office, John had experience in successful in negotiating against commencement changes in 2016.

“That’s what we were elected for and we did our absolute best to serve the students through the good times and bad,” John said. “That’s what we signed up for.”

McClain Baxley, The George-Anne Daily Managing Editor,