The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

Kayaking with CRI


By Kee’ara Smith, Editor

Campus Recreation and Intramurals (CRI) hosted one of its fall adventure trips at Bell’s Landing on Oct. 16 in which students were able to kayak for free.

        This kayaking trip was considered a meet up, and students were asked to meet the CRI team at Bell’s Landing. 

“…because this isn’t one of our bigger trips and it’s less than five minutes for campus. We offered it for free so students who don’t necessarily have the funds can still get a taste of what our adventures are like,” said a member of the CRI team. 

        Each student had a registration time that ranged from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Due to COVID-19,  each student was able to kayak for 30 minutes in individual groups of 10. Each group varied, but the max amount of students allowed on the water at a time was 10. 

         Upon arrival, students were fitted for life jackets and then asked to pick a kayak. Rules and safety measures were explained to students when they entered their respective kayaks. Due to it being outside and safety measures, students were asked to not wear their mask on the water.  Not wearing the mask made it easier to signal and for the instructors to hear students call out for help while on the water. 

        While on the water, students were able to kayak a little more than a mile upstream. Students were all secured with life jackets and each had a whistle for emergencies. On the dock, the four members of the CRI team stood and monitored. For reassurance, One of the CRI members paddle-boarded alongside while students kayaked. 

         The CRI team on the dock would yell out to students who looked like they were having a hard time, sending out directions on how to properly kayak and use the paddles. After the 30 minute session, students were asked to dock the kayaks and return the life jackets. 

           “I’ve never tried something like this before so the CRI students were really helpful. I’d definitely do it again,” said freshman nursing major, Nyaja Daniels.

     This trip was open for all active students and free as long as students registered with the proper credentials.

          CRI has many more trips for the fall planned that include a River Paddle, Beginner Trail Biking, Day Hike, and Beginner Day Hike. The last four trips of this fall semester are priced at $30.

         Spots are filling up quickly, so CRI asks students to register as soon as possible if they want to have a spot on any trips. 

          Though CRI has had to make some adjustments to their trips this semester due to COVID-19, they have modified versions for this fall and for the safety of our trip participants and leaders.

        The modifications include offering local day trips instead of overnight trips and they will no longer be providing transportation unless absolutely necessary. 

        Locations are not finalized as they are subject to change at trip leaders’ discretion, due to weather or conditions, but CRI is asking all students to sign up for the last few trips. CRI’s goal is to give every student the opportunity to visit the beautiful outdoor recreation opportunities unique to southern Georgia.

       Students can sign up for the next trip at Campus Recreation and Intramurals Southern Adventures on the Georgia Southern website. For more information or questions on these trips and how you can be accommodated please email

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