Georgia Southern officials report 133 positive COVID-19 cases the week before class starts


Eden Hodges, Managing Editor

Upon entering the spring semester, Georgia Southern officials reported a week of increased positive COVID-19 cases, reporting 133 cases during last week.

“The report below shows an increase of positive cases, with six university-confirmed cases and 127 self-reported cases last week,” said a disclaimer on GS’ reporting website. “To remain effective with our plan to protect campus classrooms, offices, and communities, we must remain vigilant with our adherence to public health guidelines.”

Click to enlarge. (Credit: Georgia Southern)

23 cases were reported from employees, 28 from the Armstrong campus and three from the Liberty campus.

COVID-19 Analysis

  • Total COVID-19 positive cases since returning in the spring: 133
  • Total positive cases: 133
  • University confirmed: six
  • Self reported: 127
  • Students: 110
  • Employees: 23
  • Statesboro campus: 102
  • Armstrong campus: 28
  • Liberty campus: three