Are you eligible for the vaccine?

I read the GDPH’s vaccine rollout plan, so you don’t have to.

Alejandro DeLaFuente, Correspondent

Georgia Southern plans to administer vaccines according to the Georgia Department of Public Health’s multi-phase rollout plan which details who is eligible for the vaccine and when. Here’s a breakdown of their rollout plan:

Phase 1A+(Current):

Healthcare workers such as physicians, nurses and pharmacists can be vaccinated along with those 65 or older and their caretakers. Also, individuals who are caretakers for anybody 65 or older can be vaccinated. First responders, including law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics can also receive the vaccine.

Phase 1B:

Essential workers needed for the functioning of the state of Georgia can be vaccinated. This includes individuals working for certain sectors of society such as public health, economics, safety or national security. 

Phase 1C:

Individuals with pre-existing health conditions that would result in a severe case of COVID-19 can receive the vaccine.

Phase 2-

For the time being, phase two is characterized as the expansion of the vaccine to groups who are recommended for the vaccine as opposed to those who are in severe need. Vaccination of individuals in phase 1 will also continue as those in phase two receive their vaccinations.

Phase 3-

Phase three will begin when the supply for the vaccine exceeds the demand. This is when most students and anybody who wants to be vaccinated can become vaccinated. 

Phase 4-
Distribution of the vaccines will be documented, and excess vaccines will be returned to the government. Mitigation will then continue to take place, so the risk of COVID-19 is minimized.