East Georgia follows GS in their plans for a normal fall semester 2021

Caitlin-Grace Daniels, Correspondent

East Georgia State College sets plans to follow in GS’ footsteps in the fall and return back to traditional operations as COVID-19 numbers continue to decrease and vaccine availability rises. 

“At this time, the USG intends for its institutions to be back at full capacity in classrooms and residence halls, as well as a closer return to traditional student life,” says Jessica Williamson, Director of EGSC in Statesboro. “Vaccine availability and lessons learned during this past year will contribute to this plan.”

As of the first week of March, GS students, faculty and staff were made aware of the “Return To Campus Plan” which came out highlighting the news that GS will be resuming normal operations in fall semester of 2021. 

Last week, East Georgia State University announced they are doing the same due to the high volume of students who take courses held on GS’ Statesboro campus. 

“For Fall 2021, it is anticipated that approximately half a dozen EGSC classes will be scheduled on Georgia Southern’s campus”, said Williamson. “EGSC will continue to work with GSU to ensure all guidelines set forth by the USG, EGSC and GSU are followed regarding EGSC students on the GSU campus.”

The decision to resume full operations comes after the college temporarily suspended instruction in March of 2020 for two weeks and then continued the remainder of the semester in an online format because of COVID-19, Harley Strickland reported on ESG’s website. “Over the summer EGSC worked to come up with a safe plan as students returned for the fall semester.”

“USG is convening a working group of USG Presidents to offer guidance to institutions,”  said Williamson, “We will continue to be flexible in our planning.”