Why GS students are getting their vaccine

Eden Hodges, Managing Editor

Last week the George-Anne sent out a Google form to students asking them to send in pictures of themselves after being vaccinated and asked them why they decided to get their vaccine. These are their responses.

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  • FeirraihSha’ Beal: “I decided to get vaccinated because I want to help stop the spread of COVID-19 so we can start getting our campus and other things back to normal. I miss being able to see everybody around on campus without a mask and interacting more with one another and COVID has put a cap on how much we can interact with one another on campus without the fear of catching COVID. “

  • Ashlee Lindee: “I got vaccinated to help protect my friends and family, but also the world as a whole! Herd immunity is so important in a time like this and we should all do our part to help those around us.”

  • Corina Fluker: “I chose to get vaccinated to keep the people I love safe and help move a tiny bit closer to herd immunity!”

  • Jillian King: “I decided to get vaccinated to protect my high-risk family as well as myself and those around me!”

  • Joe Rocheleau: “To avoid a deadly case of COVID with my asthma.”

  • Calie Peterson: “I decided to get vaccinated to protect my family, friends, and community members from the spread of COVID-19.”

  • Mary Lynn Evans: “My mom and brother are immune suppressed. My grandparents are also older. I did it for my family. The idea of putting them in danger of COVID scared me so bad. “

  • JaQuaylon Taylor: “I decided to get vaccinated because I want to be able to ensure the safety of our fellow Americans and do my part.”

  • Gwen Black: “I decided to get vaccinated due to my underlying health issues.”

  • Erin Mulkey: “I wanted to be extra safe and have extra protection when I go to class or have to go shopping! Safety first!”

  • Marisa Davis: “I have an autoimmune disease and this will help prevent me from getting more sick!”

  • Brayden Short: “I have autoimmune conditions and chose to do it to better my chances of not getting sick.”

  • Athaiah Lewis: “To ensure my safety and the safety of the people around me.”

  • Molly Jernigan: “I want to protect myself and those around me from covid-19.”

  • Emily Gubitoso: “To keep myself, my students and my loved ones safe.”

  • Summer Weekley: “I got vaccinated due to living with my grandparents with my mom. I want to do my part to make sure everyone, including myself, is safe.”

  • Chelsea Riley: “I’m getting vaccinated because the risks of infection are much higher than the risks of vaccination, and even if the likelihood you die from COVID is very low, there can be super harmful effects that last a lifetime or we can pass it on to our loved ones. The more people get it, the more we protect our vulnerable, our families, ourselves, and the faster we can get back to normal! We can have an amazing, great AND safe summer this year but only if people go out and get their vaccine! The COVID vaccines still went through the same clinical trials and standards as all vaccines, no standards were lowered, and the technology was actually not new but has been developed over decades! It has been proven to be effective in reducing infection rates and reducing likelihood of hospitalization/death. There’s a lot of misinformation incorrectly implying they’ve caused serious complications and there is no evidence of that. I understand some people are nervous or skeptical but I hope they will reach out and talk to loved ones and friends who have been vaccinated to get some answers to their questions.”

  • Jelissa, Ansley and Francesca: “It is the right thing to do! We also wanted to experience doing the right thing together!”

  • Rachel Moody: “I decided to get vaccinated so I can do my part to keep my community, family, as well as myself safe from COVID-19.”

  • Danni Ball: “To protect myself and others.”

  • Bailey Yarbrough: “To help protect my fellow Eagles as well as my family and my community!”

  • Nikki Warner: “I got vaccinated to keep myself and others safe from this horrible and unpredictable virus. I also can’t wait for things to go back to normal so I can travel to see my family members again. Can’t wait to live in a non-pandemic world again!”

  • Kirsten Rappa: “To protect my 82 year old mother.”

  • Libby Quick: “I decided to get vaccinated because I really want to help slow the spread of COVID.”

  • Mahmud Hasan: “To protect me and my surroundings from the spread of the corona virus.”

  • Jenny Heller: “Because my father is high risk and I want to keep him safe.”

  • Lauren Glover: “I teach in a classroom and I want to be able to travel around the world. Also. my chances are better at not dying or getting severely ill.”

  • Adeniji Oluwatobi: “I decided to get vaccinated so I can contribute my own quota to a safe community and campus also I want to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the world.”

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