Petsboro: Booker


Reflector Magazine wishes to celebrate the lives of Statesboro’s coolest pets (because let’s be honest, people are just the worst).

Booker is a beautiful, farm-raised cat from Rome, Georgia but don’t let his upbringing fool you; he is among the finest of cats that can be found in Statesboro. Although Booker can be timid around new people, he enjoys cuddles once he warms up to them. His favorite activities include being a watchcat, finding new hiding spots in his house and hanging out with his best friend Chase. Booker spends his afternoons looking at the tub faucet pondering the facts of his cat life. His friends know him as a local Snapchat celebrity through his majestic selfies and hilarious one-liners.
Booker is owned and loved by Chase Chalker, a junior multimedia journalism major.

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