Only way out of quarantine is proof of vaccination, says GS

Your vaccine card is your ticket out of contact quarantine

Chase Amoroso, Correspondent

If you’ve been vaccinated, make sure you hold onto your vaccine card because it may just be your ticket out of a week of isolation.

Last semester students who were exposed to COVID-19 were required to self-quarantine for a week, including students who were not infected after exposure.

But this semester most students who have been vaccinated and are showing no symptoms will not be asked to self-quarantine, regardless of if it’s self-reported, university confirmed or located through contact tracing. 

Though the university cannot require vaccines or ask for proof of vaccination, your proof of vaccination is the only way you can get out of quarantining for a couple of weeks.

“Vaccinated individuals who do not have COVID-19 symptoms will not have to quarantine after a close contact with a person who tests positive for COVID-19,” said Georgia Southern’s COVID-19 information.

A letter sent out by GS President Kyle Marrero in early August, announced that no changes were made in the plan to be fully open for the Fall 2021 semester , which means resuming “normal” operations with in-person instruction, research, events, services, activities and full dining and housing operations. 

Masks are “strongly encouraged” inside all buildings on campus to help combat the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19, but they are not required; however masks are still required in the Student Health Centers and while on buses. 

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If you have any questions about contract tracing you can contact the CARES Center directly at