Statesboro hospital sees record-high COVID-19 patients

East Georgia Regional Medical Center ‘already in COVID surge’

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

East Georgia Regional Medical Center nears their maximum ICU capacity, having 47 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 Thursday, a record high for the hospital.

“We’re already in a COVID surge,” said Erin Spillman marketing director of EGRMC. “At the peak last year, we were seeing a majority of older, more fragile patients.”

But with the Delta variant in heavy circulation, EGRMC has seen a mix of old and young patients. Roughly 95% of them are unvaccinated, said Spillman.

“We are nearing capacity for critical care beds,” said Spillman. The recent spike broke a new record for COVID-19 cases at EGRMC. This influx of new patients is more than they saw during last fall’s peak.