GS announces 188 positive COVID-19 cases after first week

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

Positive COVD-19 cases have more than doubled since last week, with Georgia Southern officials reporting 188 cases after the first week of class.

Case numbers haven’t topped 150 since last fall before GS first started administering the vaccine.

“As we prepare for the first day of Fall 2021 classes this week, the report below indicates 16 confirmed and 57 self-reported cases last week,” said a disclaimer on GS’ website. “Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to take advantage of our on-going on-campus opportunities to get a COVID-19 vaccination.”

16 cases were reported from employees. 60 cases were reported on Statesboro’s campus, 13 on Armstrong’s campus and zero on Liberty’s campus.

COVID-19 Analysis

  • Total positive cases: 188
  • University confirmed: 29
  • Self reported: 159
  • Students: 168
  • Employees: 20
  • Statesboro campus: 139
  • Armstrong campus: 42
  • Liberty campus: 7
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