GS announces 116 positive COVID-19 cases after fourth week

GS sees decrease in positive cases for second week in a row.

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

Georgia Southern saw a decrease in COVID-19 cases for the second week in a row, announcing Monday 116 positive COVID-19 cases in the fourth week.

Last week saw a record number of cases reported by employees, and this week the number has been cut to half, 16.

“Recognizing that COVID-19 vaccines offer safe, effective protection, we continue to urge all students, faculty, staff and visitors to get vaccinated either on campus or with a local provider. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to wear a mask or face covering while inside campus facilities,” read a disclaimer above GS’ weekly report.

16 cases were reported from employees. 86 cases were reported on Statesboro’s campus, 30 on Armstrong’s campus and zero on Liberty’s campus.

COVID-19 Analysis

  • Total positive cases: 116
  • University confirmed: 13
  • Self reported: 103
  • Students: 100
  • Employees: 16
  • Statesboro campus: 86
  • Armstrong campus: 30
  • Liberty campus: zero
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