GS boasts 9000+ total shots in arms as vaccine incentives close

Ashlynn Melnyk, Correspondent

As Georgia Southern’s $50 vaccine incentives come to a close this Thursday, over 9000 doses have been administered across GS’ campuses, but just a little less than half of those were second doses.

Since the beginning GS has administered, across both campuses 9,125 shots in arms, or first and/or second doses of vaccine according to an email sent out to faculty September 20.

*Fully vaccinated through GS:

Statesboro – 3,672

Armstrong – 572

Received at least one dose from GS: (until September 17)

Statesboro – 4,434

Armstrong – 652

GS continues to offer both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations on campus, and has also officially begun to administer the Pfizer vaccine, which has been FDA approved.

Through September 30, students, faculty, and staff can still receive a $50 EagleXpress gift card to their account for receiving their first vaccine dose on campus. 

Those fully vaccinated can enter a vaccine drawing by September 30 through their MyGS portal for the chance to win one of two grand prizes valued at $2,500 and $5,000 regardless of vaccination location. Proof of vaccination will be required to receive the prize according to Georgia Southern’s COVID-19 Reward Plan.

* Editor’s note: These numbers reflect those known to have gotten their second dose from GS before September 14, allowing two weeks for full efficacy. Additionally someone could have gotten their first dose with GS and their second dose elsewhere, which these numbers cannot represent.