OPINION: Do’s and Don’t’s for non-Black people during Black History Month


Briyanna Thompson, Managing Editor of Sports

Black History Month is a time for Black people to remember and celebrate not only past Black history but as well as future Black history in the making. During this time as well as during any time of month it is especially important to uplift Black voices and take time out to learn about Black history. 

Here are some ways that non-Black people can be allies and what to do and what not to do during BHM. 

What to Do

  • Support Black-owned businesses
  • Donate to Black organizations/go fund me’s for Black people in need
  • Research CORRECT Black history facts
  • Advocate for policy changes/sign petitions
  • Learn about cultural appropriation/AAVE & why it’s not okay to use

What NOT to do:

  • Speak over black voices
  • Buy BHM products from white businesses
  • Try to make it a “diversity” month. It’s about BLACK history.
  • Try to whitewash history
  • Invade spaces made for black people (including Black organizations, sororities and fraternities)
  • Post black & white photos of recent historical figures (this makes our history seem like it happened a really long time ago when some things are more recent than you would think)
  • Treat only February as BHM. We are Black 24/7! Things don’t ‘go back to normal’ after February