Southern Pottery & Art Studio

Briana Corlee, Photo Editor

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  • Southern Pottery & Art Studio is located in downtown Statesboro on East Main Street and is open Tuesday through Saturday for all your pottery and art desires.

  • Owner and artist, Jill Carter, opened the studio February 11, 2020 right across the street, but eventually moved for a bigger space. She is originally from South Carolina, but has lived in Georgia for the last 22 years.

  • Jill has been married for 27 years and has 3 children. Growing up, she wanted to be an art teacher, ended up doing something else, and then eventually was lead back into art.

  • She purchased a paint-your-own-pottery business called Free Spirit Pottery on December 26, 2019, but after it’s closure, she reopened as Southern Pottery & Art Studio. This handmade mug has a special place in her heart and she can not put a price on it.

  • Jill not only runs a pottery studio, but also sells her own art, as well as does custom pieces for clients. “My favorite part of my job is seeing the smile on the face of a happy customer, whether it was an item they created or a custom piece I created for them.” says Jill.

  • Her studio is filled with art from current pop culture to timeless classic pieces. You can find art from Star Wars, Stranger Things, Disney movies, and more scattered throughout the store.

  • Southern Pottery often hosts parties for rehab youth and adults, at-risk youth, nursing homes residents, local recreational adults, and elementary students. These handmade witch hats were made at a birthday party recently held at the studio.

  • Jill also helps with costumes and masks for the Statesboro High drama department. This year they will be preforming “Aristocats”.

  • On top of of all her other projects, Jill and her daughter spend time painting canvases for sale, therapy, and for clients. The walls of the studio are filled with all kinds of art.

  • This Georgia Southern themed Christmas tree was created for the EFAA silent auction and is a personal favorite of Jill’s. She says that some of the art that makes her most proud are pieces that end up going home with others.

  • These adorable truck and tree ornaments were hand poured in the studio. “One of the things I am most proud of is being able to have hand made and hand poured items available in my studio for anyone to glaze or paint.” says Jill.

  • Jill says that her “motivation comes from praise for a job well done.” She and her studio were recognized for being Best of Georgia 2021.

  • Although you can buy something Jill has designed, there is always the option to paint something yourself! The first step is to find a piece you like on the many shelves of pottery offered.

  • Whether it is something for year around or a seasonal decoration, Southern Pottery has it all. Their Halloween and Christmas pieces are already on the shelves!

  • Next, you’ll want to pick out your colors! Jill has a wall of color examples so you can see what they will look like after glazing and firing.

  • If plain colors aren’t your thing, Southern Pottery also has a collection of speckled paints that burst with color after the firing process.

  • As for the benefits of painting pottery, Jill says “glazing and painting pottery can be very relaxing. It is definitely therapy for a long day or week. You focus more on what you are creating and less on that excruciating exam you just took or problem you had at work.”

  • After you finish painting your piece, it is time for it to go into the kiln. Firing time can be 12 to 18 hours.

  • “Special glazes may require touch ups and multiple firings. Clay hand building projects may take several weeks for drying before it can be fired to bisque, glazed, and fired to a finished product.” says Jill.

  • After a few days or a few weeks, depending on the medium, your art will be ready for pickup. “You now have created something that is yours. Even if you give it away as a gift, you have the satisfaction of saying you created it.” says Jill.

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