How to further your career during COVID-19

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Eden Hodges

STATESBORO — COVID-19 swept the nation with a vengeance this spring, closing businesses and causing millions of Americans to lose their jobs, but what does this mean for college students?

Glenn Gibney, the director of the office of career and professional development, explained that as many students are having their internships cancelled, employers are looking for people with initiative.

Gibney said that showing initiative is as simple as showing your creativity for overcoming obstacles and suggests reaching out to the employer and asking to do a project for them or a remote internship. 

“Finding a job takes work,” Gibney said. Developing a large professional network is essential since, “Three-quarters of professional jobs are landed from relationships with people.” He advises that students use LinkedIn, check websites of potential employers, attend career fairs to make connections and always keep several employers in mind. He suggests students start developing their professional life as early as freshman or sophomore year to build their connections.

Although on-campus operations have been shut down, the office of career and professional development is still, “open for business,” Gibney said. The office is continuing all operations like resume building and interview practice remotely and have planned to continue with career fairs in the fall with the STEM fair September 2 and the Eagle Expo September 30. He also revealed they are planning to participate in a virtual career fair in connection with other SunBelt schools on June 16th that is open to all majors.

More information can be found on the career and professional development website, and students can expect to hear more about the virtual career fair in the coming weeks.

Eden Hodges, News Reporter,