Your View: Four Georgia Southern students on COVID-19

Blakeley Bartee

STATESBORO — At the Russell Union bus stops the Friday afternoon before spring break, we asked four students for their thoughts on the coronavirus, spring break and campus closures.

Kiarra Lovett, sophomore biology major

Sophomore biology major Kiarra Lovett said she is not personally worried about the coronavirus.

“My general thoughts on the virus at this point is that I feel like it’s being overhyped by the media, basically, and it’s making everybody go insane,” Lovett said.

Lovett said she feels that people are acting based on what they see on social media rather than factual information.

Alethia Harrison, graduate student

Alethia Harrison, a graduate student studying school psychology, said she is uncertain about how the virus will impact the campus.

“I’m just hoping that we will be precautious about what we need to be doing, as far as washing our hands and taking those precautionary measures,” Harrison said.

Roddres Williams, junior accounting major

The coronavirus outbreak affected junior accounting major Roddres Williams’s spring break plans, which had included a trip to Florida. He expressed concerns about the school closures in Florida and the state’s proximity to Georgia.

Williams said he thinks the virus could have a larger impact on the City of Statesboro than the GS campus, particularly among the elderly population in the city.

“We have a lot of older people in our population here in Statesboro, so I can only imagine how impactful it can be if a student like us would come carrying [the virus] — which, it won’t be as deadly for us, but someone of their age, it could be deadly for them,” Williams said.

Scotty Talarek, sophomore accounting major

Scotty Talarek, sophomore accounting major, predicts the university’s courses will move online.

“This is happening right as spring break is happening, and it’s just too risky to have a whole bunch of college students traveling around, and then coming all back in close contact,” Talarek said.

Talarek’s spring break plans, which he said include spending time with his mother in Lawrenceville, have not been not affected by the coronavirus.

Blakeley Bartee, The George-Anne Editor-in-Chief,