Weisel attends first Zones competition

Emily Arnold

The NCAA Zone B Championships is the toughest in the country, and for Georgia Southern University’s sophomore diver Emma Weisel, that rang true this past week in Greensboro, N.C.

“It was such an amazing experience,” Weisel said. “It was really something that I was proud just to be able to represent GSU and go to Zones. It was kind of scary at first, but just to be there and be able to compete and represent my school and team was a wonderful experience.”

Zone B is the toughest in country because of the intense competition and talented divers. At Zones, divers compete in the one-meter, three-meter and platform events. However, Weisel only competed in the one-meter and three-meter because platform is not an event she performs.

“This was the biggest meet she’s ever been at, and I thought overall she did a great job,” diving coach David Giambra said. “Our zone is the toughest zone in the country, and although she did not place very well, she still beat out some girls. That showed that she was worthy of being at that meet.”

On Monday Weisel competed in the one-meter event. Her final score in the preliminaries was a 198.30, and she came in 46th place, not making finals. The following day Weisel competed in the three-meter events scoring a 222.55 and finishing in 40th, again not making the final round.

“I think I performed pretty well for my first time being there,” Weisel said. “I always think that there are things that I can improve on, but that I think will make me stronger in the future just to be able to carry that with me throughout the rest of next season.”

Despite a rough week competing, Weisel has had a stellar season smashing personal records and even a school record. Weisel plans on returning to Zones next year and believes this year’s experience has made her more prepared.

“I definitely plan on qualifying again and going back, so I think that I will be more prepared next time,” Weisel said. “It was a great time being there, and it was a great performance that I gave, and I can’t wait to hopefully do it again next year.”