Volunteering is a valuable experience

Board of Opinions

Statesboro Head Start, an organization created in 1966 that offers educational, health and financial services to low-income families and children in the coastal region of Georgia, is currently looking to recruit student volunteers.

The organization is looking for students to be a part of a volunteer program in local schools where they will assist teachers with lesson plans and preparing for art and music activities as well as help children develop basic learning and reading skills.

Students at Georgia Southern University should take the opportunity to volunteer with the organization and help them with their mission to combat poverty and improve the quality of life of the people in this region.

Volunteering with Statesboro Head Start, and any of the other any non-profit organization based out of Statesboro, gives students an opportunity for both professional and personal growth.

Volunteer hours are not only a way to beef up a resume and network with community leaders, but students with 200 volunteer hours are eligible for a Service Transcript through the Office of Student Leadership & Civic Engagement. Having a Service Transcript is a way for students to set themselves part from others by showcasing their ability to accomplish goals and commit to an organization or a cause.

Volunteering is also gives students an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Volunteering helps build a sense of community and can help build character.

Students who volunteer have the ability to impact the lives of community members in a meaningful way. Volunteering also allows students to be exposed to a large variety of people and places.