Platforms for sharing student opinions should be encouraged

Board of Opinions

Recently, several departments and student organizations throughout the university planned and established programs and events for students to address the issue of racism within Statesboro’s community.

Last week, a small group of students were able to express their thoughts and concerns about racism on campus to faculty members and administration at a meeting with Patrice Jackson, Dean of Students, and Dorsey Baldwin, director of the Multicultural Student Center.

Similarly, the Mock Mediation Club plans to host a debate about the issue on March 11 and 12.  This event is open to entire campus and will serve as a platform for all students to have their voices heard about the controversy surrounding the RumRunners Plantation Room sign.

The NAACP will also host an event called “Speak Out and be Heard” in March, which will be another avenue for students to share their opinions on the matter.

These organizations should be commended for their willingness to address the issue, which is the first step towards bringing awareness to the entire campus. Opening up a dialog with students on important issues, such as racism, is a vital step in creating a stronger and more open-minded community.

These organizations should also be encouraged to continue to keep the discussion going and to include as many student voices as possible.

Communication amongst various student organizations and departments on this and other matters of inequality is a substantial part of making social progress within our community.