Our View: Skate park is welcomed addition to Statesboro

Board of Opinions

Though the plans for the ‘Boro Skatepark Project are just beginning to be put into motion, the new skate park will be a welcomed addition to the Statesboro landscape.

The new park, which is a collaboration between the Statesboro Parks and Recreation Department and Philip Stringer, the project leader, will give the local skateboarding community a place to enjoy skating.

This will potentially cut down the number of skaters on Georgia Southern University’s campus and around the Statesboro community trying to find a suitable place to skate, which will benefit both the skaters and the pedestrians they share the sidewalks with.

It is also pleasing to see a new facility being built by the City of Statesboro rather than Georgia Southern University. Statesboro often seems to lose its individuality as the university continues to grow and spread across the city. Adding new and unique parks like this will help the city stand out.

The Statesboro Parks and Recreation Department already have several well-run facilities across the city, including the popular Splash in the Boro, and it is important that it continues to recognize the needs of growing communities within Statesboro such as the skateboarding community.

While developers are still in the beginning phases of planning and have yet to officially select a location, those working on the project have already made positive steps towards creating a quality park by reaching out to reputable organizations like the Tony Hawk Foundation and the Rob Dyrdek Foundation for funding and Team Paint Design to build the park.

Those looking to share their thoughts on the project can attend the planning meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at 5 p.m. in the Honey Bowen Building. Having input from the local community will help those working on the project produce a facility that the residents of Statesboro can be fully satisfied with.