Our View: Students should not be dropped

Board of Opinions

The public relations program at Georgia Southern University had to drop students from classes for next semester due to too many people registering. This is an unacceptable action that reflects poor planning and foresight on the part of the department. Students, regardless of classification, should not have to be forcibly dropped from classes that they registered for.

Registration is already a hassle for many students. Students have to meet with advisors, which can be difficult to schedule, to get their RAN numbers and plan out schedules. Then students have to wake up early to register on their registration date, many times finding that the classes they need are already full. Students should not have to be worried about their departments dropping them from classes on top of the stress that registration can cause.

While it is unfortunate that many seniors who are set to graduate in the spring were unable to register for classes, this should not result in other students being dropped from classes. The department should think of another way to resolve this problem other than dropping students. Additional classes are being added already, but the fact that students could still be dropped is reprehensible.

Students took the time and responsibility to register for their classes, it is up to the public relations department to take the time and responsibility to make sure these students can go to those classes.