Our View: GEW good program plan

Board of Opinions

The Georgia Southern University City Campus’ hosting of Global Entrepreneurship Week is an example of a great program that can appeal to different majors and colleges while providing a useful service to GSU students. The week-long event, starting yesterday and going through Friday, will take place in various locations downtown, as participants in the week can experience first-hand the way a successful business is run.

With locations such as the Averitt Center for the Arts, GSU Farmer’s Market and Sea Island Bank hosting events, not only will students gain knowledge of their business models and methods of succeeding, but also the businesses will get more publicity to the student body as a whole.

GEW also does a good job of appealing to more than just a few majors. Normally, an entrepreneurship week would apply mainly to business and finance majors, but this GEW works to appeal to art majors and sustainability minors as well with specifically themed lectures. This allows more students to benefit from the week, making it a more worthwhile event for the university as a whole to host.

The way that City Campus and GEW incorporate multiple colleges as well as businesses in the area provide an example for programs to follow throughout the college.