Letter from the Editor: Join us

Blakeley Bartee

Dear Georgia Southern University community,

We’re experiencing some changes here at The George-Anne. For one, I have become editor-in-chief for the spring semester. Previously, I have held managing editor positions at The George-Anne and spent a year as the editor-in-chief of The George-Anne Reflector Magazine. Being EIC of The George-Anne is a big role with a lot of responsibilities, and I take it very seriously. 

Another major change is our staffing and day-to-day operations.

The truth is, we have a smaller staff size this semester than we’re used to. Our sports staff is down to three, and the news staff has dwindled. We have no features staff. We have no opinion writers. No engagement/social media editor. No special publications editor. No assistant editors. No copy editors. No daily/digital editor.

Operating under this staff size means that we might not be able to accomplish everything we want. We want to bring you the best possible coverage of Georgia Southern University, we want to highlight every sport and we want to share your unique stories and voices. But, regardless of what we want, there are only so many of us – and like all students, many of us have full class schedules and part-time jobs.

Fellow students, this means that we want you. 

The George-Anne is the place to go if you want to get involved with media on campus. We provide a workplace where you can gain journalism experience, build a professional portfolio and possibly earn a stipend – regardless of whether you’ve had prior experience. We’re a student-led newspaper with all-student editors, and we constantly work to connect with the Georgia Southern community.

Other equally fantastic opportunities within The George-Anne Media Group include magazine writing with Reflector Magazine and videography with The Studio, as well as marketing, public relations, sales, photography and design.

We don’t care if you don’t have skills yet, we don’t care if you have no experience and we don’t care what your major is. New recruits to The George-Anne Media Group go through a semester-long training program – for free! 

Please consider joining us. Everyone is welcome here.

If you would like to know more about getting involved with The George-Anne Media Group, click here. If you would like to apply for our Spring 2020 Candidate Program, click here.

Our Candidate Program will begin with a general meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 6:30 p.m. Contact us at gaeditor@georgiasouthern.edu if you have any questions.

Despite our relatively small staff size, we’re going to strive to continue keeping the GS community informed as a student-led, student-read newspaper.

Blakeley Bartee, The George-Anne Editor-in-Chief, gaeditor@georgiasouthern.edu