Women’s basketball slams Jacksonville State

Photo by: Lindsay Hartmann

Macy Holloway

Today at Hanner Fieldhouse, the Georgia Southern University’s women’s basketball team was able to shut down the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks 63-50.

The Eagles never trailed on their way to victory as sophomore forward Briana Jones, senior forward Danielle Spencer and senior forward Sierra Kirkland all combined for 33 points and 29 rebounds total throughout the game.

Jones was able to collect 13 points and 14 rebounds to go along with three blocked shots. Spencer came up with 12 points and 12 rebounds, while Kirkland collected eight points and three rebounds. Junior guard Anna Claire Knight also contributed 10 points, four rebounds, and four assists.

The Eagles are 1-2 going into their next game on Nov. 19 against California State University, Northridge.