Our View: Legislative internships an opportunity not to miss

Board of Opinions

Georgia Southern University students should not let the legislative internships offered by the school to pass them by. These internships are extremely affordable, especially if the applying student has HOPE or other state scholarships. Interning either in D.C. or Atlanta can provide students with valuable experiences in seeing how government works.

This program is open to all majors, as it should be. Government affects all of us almost every day. Students seeing how the processes of governance and policy creation work can have an understanding of how the legislative process works, which is always beneficial, especially in the heated political climate in which we live.

In addition, many employers like seeing an internship on the résumé of their applicants. Any employer does not easily overlook an internship with a governmental office, so this internship can have positive career ramifications for the students participating.

One of the benefits of this program is that the university is involved, so issues like credit hours awarded for an internship do not pose a problem for students in this program.

The legislative internships put on by GSU provide students with an opportunity to experience the realities of government first hand while building their resumes with internship experience. The added benefit of cohesion on the academic side of the internship makes this an ideal opportunity that students should not pass up.