Our View: Don’t fix what isn’t broken

Board of Opinions

Patrick Combs’ annual visit to Georgia Southern University illustrates that even during a time of transition and change within the university, some things should remain the same. Combs is a student favorite at GSU and has been visiting here for eight years in a row. While some speakers have not come back and others have been added, Combs continually brings quality, encouraging words to GSU.

Although the school’s campus and athletic programs are changing, it is important that the traditions and long-standing aspects that make the school great not be forgotten. Although there are two new dining halls, most of the places to get food on campus have not changed. Despite the changes in the athletic department and football field, the traditional uniforms of the football team remains the same.

Even academically, things are changing. Colleges have started adding dedicated advisors, though the classes that are being offered are often the same as ever. The new Biology Building shows the need for expansion to accommodate the growing student population, but the biology degree has the same requirements as ever.

However, that does not mean that everything needs to stay the same. Forest Drive Building is still a trailer, the Math/Physics Building is still confusing to many students and tuition continues to rise while teacher pay remains stagnant.

It is important for the university to not throw out everything when moving ahead, although not everything needs to stay the same.