Our View: Fundraisers should be more student-oriented

Board of Opinions

The Garden of the Coastal Plain at Georgia Southern University puts on great programs for fundraisers, however these fundraisers are inconvenient for students. Rhythm & Brews, for example costs $45 to participate in. Money is tight for students, so the price of the event keeps interested students out. The Garden should offer more fundraisers and programs geared toward students. Granted, the money raised might not be as much as the expensive fundraisers that the Garden puts on, but more student-oriented programs can also increase the visibility of the Garden to GSU students. The Garden can even keep its usual expensive fundraisers geared towards GSU faculty and Statesboro area professionals, but the addition of student-friendly programs and fundraisers can bring more students to the Garden.

It is important for all fundraising efforts and programs to have a student-oriented side to them. Ignoring 20,000 potential donors is not a smart business decision in any circumstance. While many businesses and non-profits benefit from black-tie dinners and white-collar fundraisers, the addition of blue-collar and student-friendly fundraisers can provide even more funds for these institutions.

The Garden should keep up its successful fundraisers, but should add more student-friendly options. This can allow the Garden to increase student exposure and get supplemental donations on top of its white-collar fundraisers.