How to Throw the Best Friendsgiving

Jenna Wiley

It’s finally November. Halloween has just ended and everyone has their eye on the Thanksgiving Day horizon and the amazing food and company that follows suit. One Thanksgiving dinner is the most some people can handle, as we tend to stuff ourselves full of decadent turkey and Hawaiian Rolls. 

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy loved ones’ company and to have a good time, so what about your friends? It’s time for a new November tradition: Friendsgiving! Here are some top ideas on how you and your friends can have an amazing day.

Who’s hosting?

Don’t automatically jump to having Friendsgiving at the biggest house or apartment. Take into consideration the location and travel distance it would be for everyone involved. Friendsgiving should be an intimate party, so a small group of close friends is the best situation. 

Send out invites 

This time of year can be pretty busy for most people, so sending out invitations is a very important step. Beforehand, try and get a general idea of when your friends may be available in the days leading up to Thanksgiving Day. Don’t be afraid to push the date past Thanksgiving Day either!

Who’s cooking what?

It’s important to make sure everyone has a responsibility, so all the food and drink prep doesn’t fall on one person. Ask around and see what everyone’s favorite thing to cook is and what they are “known” for. Also, don’t forget about drinks and cocktails, there are a million festive recipes online. 

Day of activities

If your friends aren’t into the traditional Thanksgiving Day activities, like football in the front yard and frying the turkey, it’s a good idea to have some festive games and activities on hand to keep everyone entertained and having fun. Having games on hand, like card games and board games is an easy way to pass the time. 

Traditionally, Thanksgiving time is meant for families, but if you follow these easy steps, you and your friends are sure to have an amazing Friendsgiving.