GTA V brings the heat

Will Cheney

Rockstar Games’ newest creation has managed to keep the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) gameplay that everyone loves while making it bigger.

The newest game in the GTA series marks a significant point in the evolution of the game’s social acceptance. In the beginning, playing GTA was taboo. It was a game that your parents would not buy for you because of the rating and the image the game portrayed. If you played it, it was a friend’s copy whose parents let them play it.

The GTA franchise took off in 2002 with the release of GTA Vice City. What Vice City did was turn a once underground game to a more socially acceptable pastime. Since then, with releases of games like GTA San Andreas and GTA IV, the series has taken off to the plateau of one of the most played games around.

GTA V showcases all the aspects of the gameplay of its predecessors with different and unique missions that allow the player to explore the vast, open world.

The biggest differences between GTA V and its previous installments the ability to control three different characters in the game and the scope of the playable environment.

GTA V takes place in the fictional U.S. state of San Andreas, which houses the equally fictional city of Los Santos and its surrounding environments. The player can embark on different missions with the main protagonist, with the other two playable characters being met along the way. As with past games, the missions start out relatively easy and get progressively harder.

Though the missions are dynamic and engaging, putting them on the back burner and taking the time to explore the world is where this game will be set apart from the rest. Flying planes and helicopters are only the beginning. From driving a sports car up a mountain to gang wars erupting out of thin air makes this game worth buying just to see what the world has to offer. Just make sure you do not have several stars on you while trying to commandeer a plane.

On top of sheer scope, other aspects of the game have seen extreme makeovers. The graphics make it seem like the player is playing the roles of characters in a feature film. Minor things have been improved in the gameplay as well.

The cars handle more realistically and don’t feel like plastic. Most things in the game can be run over and destroyed with a vehicle. Wooden objects, however, are indestructible. A tow truck will not be able to knock down a wooden light pole and will be stopped in its tracks. Oddly enough, if it is made of metal, it will fall easily. Good things to know when attempting to evade a few squad cars.

Overall, GTA V is a great game. The gameplay and graphics have been improved over GTA IV and other past games. The dealmaker, though, is the size and pure depth of the world, which can be explored. Hours can be spilt into this game without even scratching the surface of the content.